Yossi Vardan



Wind of the Ocean

18' x 18', stained glass composition

Private residence, Los Angeles, C.A.


Monumental Glass, 1996

39’ x 29’, glass slabs, aluminum frame


Way of Progress, 1990

36’ x 32’, Monumental bas-relief, painted concrete

Commissioned and sponsored by the metallurgical plant Siberian region


WWII Memorial, 1992

bronze and red granite


Abstract composition, 1994

Artist was involved at the design stage of project

Baltic region


Towns of the Planet, 1994

Monumental stained glass

Foyer of a restaurant, Moscow region


Mosaic bass-relief, 2009

36’ x 12’, Spectrum glass

Foyer of the pool area. Private residence. Upstate New York.


Mosaic Composition, 2009

50’ x 30’, Spectrum glass

Pool area. Private residence. Upstate New York.


Fragment of the monument on the site of Jewish ghetto, 1992