Sofie Siegmann


Day Song/Night Song

87' x 54' sq. ft., calciumaluminate cement,

 polyurethane inserts, acid stain

Addison St., Berkeley, CA




Freeway Prophecy

22' x 85', ceramic tile, acrylic paint

8th & Clementina

San Francisco, CA


You are Us

19" x 19" x 9.5', ceramic tile, concrete, iron rod

Valley View Elementary School

Richmond, CA


Sit Here

8' x 4.5' x 4', ceramic tile, found objects, industrial plaster, wood

Lied Discovery Children's Museum

Las Vegas, NV


Health, detail Meditation Figure

11 life-size figures, ceramic tile, wonder board

Russ and Minna St., San Francisco, CA



21.5' x 42', ceramic tile, wonder board

7th St. and Howard

San Francisco, CA




Stop, Look, Listen to Me (detail Listen to Me)


Urban Connection

16" x 24", oil canvas