PhenomenArts, Inc.

Christopher Janney


Circling, 2005

40' x 40' x 12', colored glass, interactive light/sound

Dallas Fort Worth, Irving TX


Sonic Plaza, 1997

Site specific, multi media, water, light, sound

East Carlina University, Greenville, NC


Sonic Forest, 1996-2011

Site specific, aluminum, light, sound, interactive

Union Square, New York City, NY; Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN;

Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA


HeartBeat, 1981 - Present

Exploring intersection of architecture and music



Touch My Building, 2001

Colored glass, interactive sound/light, aluminum

Charlotte, NC


Harmonic Fugue, 2011

Interactive sound/light, aluminum

Conway, AK


Harmonic Convergence, 2011

10' x 40' x 80', colored glass, light, interactive sound

Miami International Airport, Miami, FL


Whistle Grove, 2002

30' x 30' x 50', interactive steam/sound/light, stainless steel

Cincinnati, OH


Soundstair: On Tour, 1981

Site specific, interactive light/sound

Spanish Steps, Rome


Turn Up the Heat, 2000

30' x 30' x 30', aluminum, light, sound, interactive

Miami Arena, Miami, FL