Peter Ladochy



Chinatown (Love & Double Joy)

15' x 35' x 2', glass and tile mosaic relief



8' x 4', mosaic glass, inlaid on colored etched mortar wall

The Ardmore, Hollywood, CA


Morro Bay Historical Mural

15' x 45', mosaic tile

Morro Bay, CA


Rising to Dawn

8' x 8' x 1', ceramic and glass mosiac

Palm Desert, CA


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

28' x 12' x 2', oak and koa lam wall relief, stained glass

Atascandero, CA



26' x 40' x 2', mixed media

St. John's wall



8' x 6' x1', laminated railings, natural, dyed and veneers

Private Residence


Salinas - the Salad Bowl

12' x 12', mosaic glass and tile and gold on mortar bed

Home Savings


Navajo Rug Series 


Virgin of Guadelupe

14' x 3', mosaic glass, mirror and gold on mortar bed

St. Francis, La Quinta, CA