Marsh Scott


Desert Voices

48" x 48" x 6" each, six panels, stainless steel

Kaiser Permanente

Palmdale, CA


Steps in the Sand

63" x 174" x 12", stainless steel, concrete, acid stain

Crescent Bay Villas

Laguna Beach, CA


Back Bay Wandering

60" x 70" x 3", stainless steel

Pfizer Corporation

Irvine, CA



72" x 48" x 24", steel, rust patina, concrete pedestal

Pacific Western National Bank

Brea, CA


Mandril de Rosa

60" x 42" x 14", stainless steel, concrete pedestal

Taps Brewery

Brea, CA


Wave Dance

68" x 48" x 16", stainless steel, concrete pedestal

Albertson's Center

Laguna Beach, CA


Nature's Lyrics

72" x 180" x 3", stainless steel

Kaiser Permanente

Downey, CA


The Band

60" x 20" x 3", stainless steel

Artist Collection (available)


Monterey Meadow

52" x 40" x 2" (three panels), stainless steel

Kaiser Permanente

Pasadena, CA


Greetings from Laguna

36" height, width variable 25" - 68

powder coated steel, glazed ceramic tile23 panels and gate,

30 carved tiles, 16 embossed leaf tiles and posts

Old Pottery Place, Laguna Beach, CA