Mags Harries & Lajos Heder



13' x 10' x 20', aluminum, boxwood hedge

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY


Octopus Gate, Topiry

20' x 20' x 16', aluminum, boxwood hedge


2nd View Octopus Gate


Garden Eels, Topiary

11' x 4', aluminum, boxwood hedge


Teapot, Wall Cycle to Ocotillo

14' x 7', steel, concrete, solar lighting, special planting

Phoenix, AZ


Teapot, interior view


Morroccan Vessel, Wall Cycle to Ocotillo

14' x 7', concrete, steel, urethane paint, solar lighting


Drawing for Wall Cycle to Ocotillo


Drawing of Terrazzo floor plan for Commonwealth Convention Center

67,000 square feet

Louisville, KY


Detail Terrazzo floor

Commonwealth Convention Center