Mac Adams




14' x 12', aluminum, rock

Gardens of the Louis Pasture University

Image of a person in mediation is projected during May/June/July at noon

City of Strasbourg, France 


Detail "Mediation"


Mustangs at Noon

10' x 14', steel canopies

Shadows of horses projected year around, stretching

from 3' at 8am to 60' by 1pm then disappear

Henry Gonzalez Convention Center

City of San Antonio, TX


Detail "Mustangs at Noon"


Fountain Head

10' x 12', aluminum

Image of a human fountain is projected every Dec./Jan./Feb. at noon

Museum of Contemporary Art

San Diego, CA

(temporary installation)


Detail "Fountain Head"


Portrait of Karl Marx

80", aluminum, rock


New York Korean War Memorial

20' granite structure with cut out of a soldier lined with stainless steel,

twenty-two mosaic flags at the base represents the countries involved in the conflict.

This form is placed on a 40' diameter gray granite plaza, divided into twenty-two segments,

one for each country and inscribed with the number of dead, missing and wounded.  The solider

frames views of the statue of Liberty to the west and the buildings surrounding Wall Street to the east.

First Korean War Memorial to be built in America.


Wings and Wheels

Image of a wheel projected from the roof moves down the East facing glass wall until 12 noon. 

Then, an image of a pair of Wings are projected from the roof moves up the West facing wall.  At

night a light is projected from the roof allowing the viewers to create their own shadows.

New Jersey Dept. of Transportation Head Office

Cherry Hill, NJ