Jeni Bate


Santa Rosa Moonset, 2006

5' x 3', acrylic on drywall

Private Residence, Desert Shores, CA


Ocotillo 7, 2007

9' x 14', acrylic on drywall

Garage of Private Residence, San Diego, CA


Jacob's Bench, 2011

3' x 4' x 2', acrylic on wood

Created to be sold at auction at Art Walk, San Diego, CA


Sonia's Garden, 2008

5' x 7', acrylic on drywall

Private collction, Imperial, CA

Ruben and Maria's Apples, 2008

4' x 4', acrylic on drywall

Private residence, Imperial, CA


Ocotillo Moon, 2009

8' x 10', acrylic and latex on wood

Garage door of private residence, Salton City, CA


Romina's Room, 2009

8' x 22', latex on drywall

A teenager's dream bedroom in a private residence, Palm Springs, CA


West Shores History, 2010

4' x 24', acrylic on stucco

Salton City, CA


Marilyn's Morning, 2011

5' x 3' x 2', acrylic on metal signal box

Commission for the City of Indio, CA


Vista Nuevo, 2011

4' x 10', acrylic on drywall

Private Residence, Desert Hot Springs, CA