Janet Zweig





Small Kindnesses, Weather Permitting

39 interactive units located at 11 light rail stations,

ranging from video and audio to windshield wiper and a

snow globe that turns manually

Minneapolis, MN


Second View (video)


Third View (Snow turning Globe)


Fourth View (video)


Carry On

194 different figures in a frieze on the walls

of the NYC Prince St. N/R subway station

9" x 1,200', waterjet-cut steel, marble, slate




The Medium

7' x 5' x 16", mixed media

Two people converse through the medium of the video image.

The image goes through a series of random mediations, ie. black & white,

negative, static, picture to picture, ghostly presence, etc.

Murphy Hall, School of Communication

University of Minnesota


The Impersonator

10" x 5' x 10", steel, electronics

Interactive computer piece that invents and writes a new

line of poetic text and displays it on the mechanical "flip-disk" sign

every time someone enters the building through the main doorway.

Instructional Technology Center

Santa Fe Community College


Your Voices

12' x 23' x 5", bronze, marble, paper

12 bronze boxes with different words on them,

"wishes, suggestions, fears, dreams, complaints, secrets,

fantasies, worries, obsessions, problems, ideas and opinions.

Students place their comments in the appropriate box and the results

are published regularly in the student activities newsletter.

Walton High School

Bronx, NY


Detail (suggestion box)