Jackie Ferrara



Hamm Plaza

110' 110', granite, steel, water, trees

St. Paul, MN


2nd View, Hamm Plaza


Canal Demonstration Project

1.5 miles, stone, water, planting

Phoenix, AZ


2nd View Canal Project


Flushing Bay Promenade

270' x 72', brick paving, granite, benches, planting

Queens, NY


2nd View, Promenade


Terrace Stuart Collection

270' x 110', slate, gravel, concrete, trees

University of San Diego, San Diego, CA


Meeting Place

12' x 67h' x 46', slate, concrete, steel

Convention Center, Seattle, WA


Copper Tower

42.8' x 6' x 6', copper, concrete

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT


Stepped Tower

60' x 10' x 10', granite

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN