East Los Streetscapers




Stairway to Global Health

21'H, acrylic on concrete


Ganas, that is all you need

7' 10', acrylic on canvas

California Museum of Science and Industry


La Sombra Del Arroyo

11' x 20' x 30', tile, aluminum, concrete


La Sombra (north tree)


Community Values, Slauson Serenade

10' x 40', ceramic, tile, cast concrete


El Pueblo San Jose de Guadalupe

4 panels, each 3' x 12', ceramic tile


Bellingham Centennial Mural

33' x 31', acrylic and concrete


El Nuevo Fuego.. After LA's XXIII Olympics

80' x 85', acrylic on concrete

Victor's Clothing, Los Angeles, CA


Santa Maria Spectrum

53' x 135', acrylic, fiberglass on concrete



Female Workers (detail)