Don Wakefield


Something Grows Every Season

96" x 72" x 96", bronze, cast glass, ceramic, granite

Chino, CA


Never Ending Puzzle

21' x 15', power coated metal

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Square Word Round Lanuage

70" x 70" x 18", granite

Private Collection

Southern California


Dimensional Lanuage

72" x 36" x 92", granite

Private Collection

Rancho Mirage, CA


When Planets Align

9" x 22" x 2", copper, stainless steel,

charred wood, clear resin

Private Collection

Palm Desert, CA


Knowledge of All Space

96" x 36" x 96", granite

Private Collection

Minneapolis, MN


Father and Daughter

55" x 24" x 54", boulders, stainless steel rods

Private Collection


Birth of Knowledge

48" x 48" x 104", granite

Private Collection

Newport Beach, CA


Three Piece Lemon

36" x 18" x 22", cast aluminum, laminated glass

Private Collection


Is it Love

14" x 9" x 18", Italian Alabaster on granite base

Private Collection

Palm Springs, CA