David Griggs




Seven Sisters

24' x 160' x 5', steel, urethane

Gateway Sculptures for a Light Rail System

Denver, CO


Hoop Dance

15' x 95' x 2', aluminum, steel, copper, neon

Englewood, CO


Double Axle

17' x 13' x 13', aluminum, copper, duraclear

Breckenridge. CO


The Lockton Sculpture

16' x 8' x 5', aluminum, steel

Private Corporation


Earth Station

24' x 22' x 16', aluminum, fiberglass

National Cable Center and Museum


Cable Navigation

85' x 85', terrazzo floor

Great Hall, National Cable Center and Museum



24' x 22' x 16', steel, concrete

State of Colorado, University Engineering Plaza

Discovery Learning Center, Boulder, CO





10' x 2' x 2', stone, sandblasting

Western State College, Gunnison, CO


Hope Freight

8' x 99' x 1', powder coated steel, aluminum

Hope, AK