Claudia Fitch


Colossal Heads

6' x 4' x 3' each, six heads

  steel, fiberglass, auto epoxy paint

Washington State Exhibition Center, Seattle, WA





30' x 10' x 10' each, two beacon/lamps

steel, epoxy paint, mecury halide and sodium vapor lights

Lynnwood Regional Express Transit Center

Lynnwood, WA


Second View


Water Carry

dimensions variable, site dimension: 23' x 23' x 23'

steel, epoxy paint, porcelain tile, enamel

Interurban Pump Station, Tukwila, WA



3" x 108" x 60", glazed stoneware

European Ceramics Work Centre

Hertogenbosch, Netherlands


Second View


Chandelier with Milk Drops

180" x 43" x 26", glazed ceramic, paint, gold leaf,

brass, steel cable, aluminum structure

Collection Tacoma Art Museum


The Balance of One Order Within Another

6' x 12' x 1' each column, steel, fiberglass, epoxy paint, lighting

Eastgate Park + Ride, Bellevue, WA


Second View