Cheryl Foster


Shaw Memorial Totem Pole

4' x 18', tile, glass

Shaw Totem Pole (detail)

Emory Grove Community Center, Past, Present, Future

8' x 27', glass, tile, acrylic

Montgomery County Public Trust

Fort McNair Dining Hall Renovation

8' x 27', acrylic on board, neon

Francis Meyer Arch (detail)

15' x 21', tile, mirror

Snail, Shaw Garden of Peace

5' x 6', glass, mirror

Kennedy Center Community Partnership with Seaton Elementary School

Shooting for the Stars....Not Each Other

30' x 30', mirror, tile, beads

Washington, D.C.

Shooting for the Stars (detail)

Millennium Center Southwest Images

15' x 68', keim, acrylic, glass mirror mosaic

Washington, D.C.

Millennium Center (detail)