Carol Adams


Laser Show

76' x 9' x 16', holoscreens, lasers, computer controlled lighting

Butler Museum of Art, Youngstown, OH


Aerial Garden X: Sacred Place

40' x 22' x 10', fiber, paint, copper, copper tubing,

LED lighting, theatrical lighting, pan and tilt video, computer controlled DVD

Butler Museum of Art, Youngstown, OH


Aerial Garden XI: Message

32' x 32' x 18', fabric, paint, copper tubing, theatrical lighting,

HID lights, color changers, DMX controlled

Millennium Hall, Stout Campus, University of Wisconsin

Menomonie, WI


Second View


Lightscape VIII: Beacon, Neon & Neon Canopy

300' x 25' x 50', computer driven power supplies


Lightscape VIII: Beacon, Skywinder

4' x 4.5', aluminum, airplane paint


Skywinder XV: Knowledge

22' x 7', steel, aluminum, neon, paint

Green Branch, Summit County Library


Skywinder XV: Knowledge (Detail)


Aerial Garden VI: Totems

17' x 5' x 12', airplane fabric, paint, theater lights, neon, copper

Public Library, Avon Lake, OH


Wallscape XIV: Strata II

35' x 6' x 1', enamel on steel

Donor Wall at Elyria Memorial Hospital