Buster Simpson




Seattle George Monument

28' x 12' dia., diffraction grating, aluminum, steel, vegetation, wind

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA


Offer Hat, Drinking Cup and Illuminated Boat (courtyard fountain)

varying widths 6' high and 14 - 17' lengths

aluminum, steel, brass

Kansas City Public Health Facility, Kansas City, MO


Second View (Offering Hat)



120 long, 38 easels each 4' x 8' x .5", glass panels in reflective pool

panels respond to the surrounding visual phenomena

Museum of Glass/International Center for Contemporary Art, Tacoma, WA


Water Glass & Water Table

glass: 8' x 4' dia., table: 4' x 4' x 3'

 stainless steel, glass, granite and water

Two plaza sculptures exemplify a sustainable "poetic utility" 

Ellington Condominiums, Seattle, Wa


Brush with Illumination

environmentally responsive and web site interactive sculpture

31' x 30' x 28', solar panels, microprocessors, computer lasers, strobe batteries

stainless steel with light transmitting cursor

False Creek Vancouver, BC, Canada


Exchanger Fountain

4' x 6' x 2.5', drinking fountain with grey water also waters native willow tree

Anaheim, CA



16' x 6.5' x 34" dia. at base

double helix supporting moire scrim wall with beacon lighting, stainless steel

Harbor Properties


King Street Garden

35,000 square ft. garden, Topiary Garden, Sunken Garden, Hanging Garden

Alexandria, VA


Host Analog - Development of Host Analog

90' x 30' x 17', stainless steel irrigation, basalt, old growth (windfall) logs

city water, porcelain, enamel signage

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR