Blessing Hancock


Fish Bellies, 2013

In collaboration with Blessing Hancock

30' x 15' x 12', acrylic, steel, LED lighting, touch sensitive electronics

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX


Ballroom Luminoso, 2013

In collaboration with Joe O'Connell

48" diameter each of 6, powder coated steel, recycled bike parts, LED lighting

San Antonio, TX



Brilliance, 2014

5' diameter each of 6, stainless steel, LED lighting, touch senstive electronics

Palo Alto, CA



Biota, 2016

123' x 5' diameter painted steel, acrylic, LED lighting

City of Aurora, CO



Sequence, 2017

5,000 square feet, stainless steel

City of West Palm Beach, FL


Shute Seeds, 2016

12' x 10', stainless steel, lighting

Hillsboro, OR



Accolades, 2015

V14' x 8' x 4', stainless steel, LED lighting

City of Fort Washington, MD


Infinity, 2016

20' x 5' diameter, stainless steel, acrylic, LED lighting

City of Sarasota, FL