Billy Al Bengston


Entrance Walkway

granite and cement inlay

The Doumanio House, U.C.L.A. School of Architecture,

Marina Del Rey, CA


Glass Balustrade

glass, cut and polished

The Doumani House


Steel Fence

stainless steel, 4' x 70'

The Doumani House


(Detail)  Steel Fence


Pua'l wai (fountain)

aluminum, steel, fiberglass, 28'h x 12'w x 4'd

The Janss Corp., Pasadena, CA


Puka o ka moku (Porte Cochere)

powder coated aluminum, 12'h x 4'w x 4'd

The Janss Corp.


Aloha L.A. Bienvenidos

acrylic on canvas, 7 panels, 28" x 72" each

L.A. Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, CA


Second view, Aloha L.A. Bienvenidos



acrylic on canvas, 12' x 11'

Contel Corp., Virginia


Mural @ Bench

powder coated stainless steel, 4.5' x 48.5'

Salik Healthcare (now Cedar Sinai) W. Hollywood, CA