Ann Gardner


Weave - 2004

16' Dia., 7 sections, each 12" x 7'

glass mosaic, composite material, concrete, steel

Providence St. Peter Hospital, Lacey, WA

Commissioned by the Regional Arts & Cultural Council, Portland, OR




Ring of Water - 2003

18' x 22', glass mosaic, composite material, concrete, steel, terrazzo floor

City Court of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Commissioned by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Atlanta, GA




Sunrise/Sunset - 2002

30" x 192" x 10", glass, concrete, steel

Commissioned by the Sato Pharmaceutical Company

Tokyo, Japan



Tango Rojo

22' x 18" x 18"

Private Collection

Seattle, WA


Lebeg (slight movement in the air)

12' x 16.5" x 16.5" each, nine pendants and terrazzo floor

glass mosaic, concrete, steel

Washington State Convention and Trade Center

Seattle, WA