Ann Tarantino


Shine a Light, 2014

15 nets ranging from 5’x4 to 25’x30’, Electroluminescent wire and LED's

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, State College, PA





Moon, Shine, 2015

Dimensions variable, LED's, lighting gels, acrylic, wire, motor, figurines, and plastic flowers

Children’s Museum Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA





Molded Rivers, 2015

Dimensions variable, Water, bucket, aquarium pump, glass, wire, and LED’s

Borland Project Space, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA



Full Bloom, 2014

Dimensions variable, Transparent vinyl on existing skylights

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY






Topoanalysis, 2013

106"x76", 79 3/4 x 29 3/4, and 79 3/4 x 53 ¾", Laser-cut paper on windows

Mixed Greens, New York, NY



Future Perfect, 2012

Dimensions variable, Laser-cut drawings on paper and acetate

The Contemporary Austin, Austin, TX