Alice Aycock

"East River Roundabout"

 aluminum, 50'h x 100'w x 100'L

"East River Roundabout"


"Spiral Stair Encircling a Cone; Suspended Cyclone Fragment"

cone 24'h x 22'dia., stair: 28'L, cyclone fragmt.32'L x 20'w


 "Spiral Stair"

Second view

Convention Center, Sacramento, CA 

28' h x 30'w x 110'L,

aluminum, vinyl, motors, mirrored plexiglas.

"Star Sifter": JFK airport, NY

 60' dia. x 40'h, aluminum, moving parts.

Waterworks Installation, University of Nebraska Medical Center

aluminum, steel, concrete, water, 41' L x 28'h variable width.

"The Islands of the Moons & Stars", La Jolla, CA.,

mixed media, 25'L x 22'w x 10'h.

"The Islands of the Rose Apple Tree", Western Washington State

University, Bellingham, WA.

 water filled cast concrete, 2'h x 21'L x 31.6' dia.

"The Islands of the Rose Apple Tree"